Ways to Delay Orgasm When Having Sex with an Escort

Many men consider extended periods of sex before ejaculation to be the best indication of their prowess in the game. However, most men find it hard to last long enough for both partners to reach orgasm simultaneously. You can enjoy an extended romp with Cheap escorts by following the following tips:

Use the Pause-Squeeze Method

When you are at the brink of ejaculation, ask the escort to gently but firmly squeeze your penis at the ring until the urge to ejaculate fades away. You can also do this by yourself and then wait for 30 seconds before continuing with having sex.

Do Kegel Exercises

The pubococcygeus muscles help control the urinary sphincter. The muscles help you hold in urine and can also play a critical role in controlling early ejaculation. Exercise the muscles using Kegel exercises where you contract and relax them to help strengthen the pelvic floor. The exercises help you control orgasm thus, able to last an escort longer.

Take the Lead

Be in charge of how much and fast you penetrate the escort by assuming the top position during sex. The position allows you to stop whenever you are just about to ejaculate. Take thirty seconds to break for the sensation to subside before you continue making love to the escort.

Take Deep Breathes

Anxiety causes you to ejaculate prematurely. Take deep breaths to enable you to relax thus, maintain a hard erection for an extended period. Stretch your back straight to allow your lungs to draw more air.

Practice Orgasm Edging

Orgasm edging is an ejaculation control technique that draws is functioning from conditioning. Try to relax and then take about half an hour masturbating when alone to the point of ejaculation but then, do not cum. Do this severally until you can comfortably exceed the time limit without coming to prolong the time it takes before you ejaculate.

Have Sex in Comfortable Surroundings

Choose surroundings that make you confident and comfortable when having sex with an escort. Avoid having sex in public places such as washrooms, rented apartments, or brothels. You risk becoming distracted by groans from other people making love near you, which might make you become over excited and cum fast.

Focus on the Whole Sex Experience

Most of the time men become unable to last longer during sex due to an excessive desire to hold ejaculation. Prolong your ejaculation and increase the quantity by focusing on the whole sex experience. Enjoy watching the escort’s beautiful ass while you enter her from behind and admire your hard penis penetrating her through the wheelbarrow style among others.

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